What is CAMP!?
CAMP is a collective of clothing designers/artists and invited guests, promoting sustainable and responsible self-production, selling directly to our customers.
An Independent free commerce, CAMP functions as a spontaneous showroom for temporary events and exhibitions.
 It’s an alternative retail concept, not  a shop in the traditional sense find us by appointment or by chance and during open showroom events.

Who is behind CAMP and why?
CAMP was created by Renee Jablonski  (neyney4, Short & ney) with Rene Zamudio (, as well as with the collaboration of Monica Nanti (Short Story, Short & ney).
Motivated by the desire to control what we create, to deviate from the imposed structure of fashion as an ephemeral industry with the limitations of trends and seasons as expiration dates.
To question the social implications and sustainability of the quantity vs. quality concept that leads to disposable fashion.
Rejecting  corporate imposed cool in the name of profit; and reevaluate the accepted cannons of what is beautiful, perfect and attainable, instigating a reaction to the false notion of robotic perfection. (mass production).
We revalue the entire life-cycle of a garment from concept through to confection and its duration.
We wish to restore the personal integrity and artistic expression in what we do and make:
One of a kind pieces, made with emotion.
CAMP is a home for our ideas, a space to create, share, learn, imagine, evolve; free of limitations and obligations, a space to present our personal work to those who think alike.

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